To race your fastest, your brain needs a taper, too
By Alex Hutchinson

Не планируйте на неделю перед забегом задачи требующие серьезных мысленных усилий! Алекс плохого не посоветует!

Это я в первую очередь себе 🙂
Так как чтение статей о беге и учеба в первой половине дня перед полумарафоном в 15-00 реально отобрало часть терпелки.

Stress Recess
The longer the race, the longer you’ll have to maintain your focus, so mental fatigue is a particular concern in races of 10K or longer. It’s tempting to see your final-week taper as a chance to catch up on tasks that have been piling up. But the days before an important race are not the time to, say, do your taxes.

If you’re traveling to a race, consider arriving an extra night early. The hassle of a Friday evening trip to a Sunday race could be worthwhile if you have all of Saturday—the most important day of your mental taper—to relax. Try to make as many decisions as possible in advance: Book a prerace dinner reservation, figure out race-day logistics, and set aside a good book to read or movie to watch (but not War and Peace). Oh, and turn off your work email. You’ve invested a lot of effort to get your body in peak form, so make sure your mind is just as primed to compete.

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